Welcome to Innovate Textile & Apparel


Thanks for joining us over what we are sure will be a fantastic couple of weeks of discussion, networking, and learning. There is a huge range of content available to you from some fantastic exhibitors, seminars, roundtables, conference presentations, research, news and discussion forums. We are also adding a little fun and competition to proceedings with our Engagement Points (EP) scheme that rewards you for engaging with the content at the Show (there are prizes too!).

Below is a series of short videos that should help you navigate around the platform, enjoy the content, find what you are after and connect with your peers and our exhibitors.

If you need it, we have some troubleshooting information at the bottom of this page, drop us an email at itavisitors@wtin.com, or head on over to the organiser’s office to chat with us.

Enjoy the Show!

Registration & Login

If you are not already registered or need any help logging in to Innovate Textile & Apparel, check out this video.

Searching & Navigating

Learn how to find your way around Innovate Textile & Apparel and how to quickly search content right across the Show.

Exhibitor Booths

Our exhibitor’s booths contain some of the most cutting-edge, interesting and well-produced information in the industry. Use this video to understand the layout of a booth; how to find great content and how to connect with the exhibitors.

Chatting & Calling

You can use the in-built chat function to connect with your peers and exhibitors using text chat; you can share files, pictures and content. If you are having a one-to-one chat, you can convert it to an audio or video call with one click.

Your Profile & Networking

Every visitor (and exhibitor staff member) has an Innovate Textile & Apparel profile. In this video you'll see how to manage yours and how to connect with others through the networking centre.

Engagement Points

Engagement Points (EP) is a points scheme that rewards you for engaging with Innovate Textile & Apparel. As you visit exhibitors, browse content and carry out actions on the platform you earn points. There are prizes too! There's more details here too.

Your Show Bag

Use your show bag throughout the Innovate Textile & Apparel platform to save content that you would like to view later. Want to gather information from exhibitors, save interesting seminars, or bookmark a great conference presentation? This video shows you how to do it.

Loads of Additional Content

As well as our exhibitors and their booth’s we have a wealth of additional content at Innovate Textile & Apparel. Seminars, roundtables, conference presentations, daily videos and news. Discover more about it all and where to find it in this video.

The Discussion Forum

Want to get something off your chest? Want to ask a question of your peers or air your great idea? This is where to do it. The discussion forum will be open throughout the length of the Show, and this video shows you where to find it.


Are you having problems logging in, or with a particular section of the Innovate Textile & Apparel platform? Here are some useful tips that you should try.


Login Issues

These are usually caused by one of the following three issues:

  1. Not registered? If you aren’t registered, then you can register over at https://ita.wtin.com/registration.
  2. Incorrect password. Use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the login page to reset your password and email you a new one.
  3. Clear your cache. See below.


Clearing Your Browser Cache

This resets your Internet browser and is useful for resolving a number of issues.

    1. This link for PC browsers https://clear-my-cache.com/en/windows.html
    2. This link for Apple browsers https://clear-my-cache.com/apple-mac-os.html
    3. If you are not sure which browser you are using, you can check here - https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/


Supported Browsers

Innovate Textile & Apparel supports the following browsers and version. These versions (or above):

  • Internet Explorer 11 (except chat feature)
  • Edge 44
  • Firefox 64
  • Chrome 71
  • Safari 12

We recommend Edge or Chrome for the best usability experience.


A Few Points On The Chat Feature

  1. Do check-out the chat video further up the screen. If you are an exhibitor, do view the one on the visitor resources page also.
  2. You can only have one chat window/browser tab open at a time. There is a popup shown on the platform when you open the chat tool to warn you of this. Having multiple chat windows open either on the same device, or different devices will cause loading errors of the chat tool.
  3. When you first visit Innovate Textile & Apparel, you will have no chat ‘friends’ (exhibitors will automatically be friends with other booth staff). As you open chats through the Innovate Textile & Apparel platform, you will automatically ‘friend’ everyone in the conversation. As a result, you can quickly open new chats, or move from a group chat to a one-to-one chat by searching within the chat tool.
  4. Audio and video calls are only available during one-to-one chats.
  5. You can share images, files, and media by dragging the file(s) into the chat window.


Accessing Chat In A Firewalled Environment

If you are accessing chat from inside a corporate firewalled environment you may need to ask your IT department to add an additional firewall rule as detailed below.


  1. Primary URL - chat.wtin.com
  2. A websocket connection to ss-chat.wtin is opened
  3. A second connection to ejabberd-chat-wtin.com via port 5280 is then opened


  1. Port 5280 has to be allowed in the firewall policy.
  2. Also the websocket connection to ss-chat.wtin


Still Need Help?

If you need to, contact itavisitors@wtin.com, if you are a show visitor, or itasupport@wtin.com, if you are exhibiting. To help us help you as quickly as we can. Please include the following.

  1. Company name if you are an exhibitor.
  2. A description of your issue. What are you trying to do, what is stopping you, and what (if any) message is shown.
  3. Your browser and version. Not sure? Got to this link https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ copy the link it shows and send it to us